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Candour’s Cargotecture (Cargo Architecture) concept is our idea for sustainable development. Our idea is to use containers that are left in depots after their lifecycle and turn them into a recycled structure that can be fitted with any idea. We want to Create Eco Friendly, Turn Key and Customised Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Retail, Events, and Commercial Businesses; Utilising Modified Recycled Shipping Containers. We Also want to Develop Sustainable Food and Retail Container Parks.

Being modular in nature the containers can be moved virtually anywhere reducing the costs of rebuilding a structure at a new location. The flexibility that comes with temporary locations increases consumer accessibility to products or services.

CTS Cargotecture - Candour Turnkey Solutions
10Ft Container
20Ft Container
40Ft Container
Besopke Container

Cafe Noir Cargo

Built on a 40ft container space equipped with a full kitchen that caters to needs of Decathlon Anubhava at Yelahanka, Bangalore. The idea was to provide the employees and customers of Decathlon a space to enjoy their lunch and see their kids at play on either side of the space.

Cafe Concept

Small Format Cafe

Candour Cargotecture meets and exceeds their small format cafe. The concept was designed using  2×40 ft Containers ideal for air conditioned seating upto 20 covers on the upper level. 

Cafe Concept

Large Format Cafe

The Large Format concept contains 1×40 ft container for the Bar and 2×10 ft containers for Green Space and Entrance and 5×20 ft containers for Air-Conditioned Seating (3), Kitchen (1), and the Washroom (1), it also includes a Open-to-Sky Courtyard with bench seating.